What's included?

  • You'll be a published author with one chapter in the book.
  • Digital program with focus on your personal development with digital group coaching.
  • Digital portrait of you and your horse/horses for your biography picture done my Nica Ware.
  • Professional layouting and marketing.
  • Project website with the possibility to market yourself and your business.
  • 20 physical books (value around 5000SEK/500 dollars)

    And much more...

Become a published author and make a difference in the world

To take your place in this book project is to take your place in one of the most important projects in our movement, the wisdom of horses.

This project has the intention to be a living example of how we can transform from  a culture of dominance and violence to a culture of trust and love.

We do this by sharing our stories about how the horses has been our physical and spiritual guides through our journey and thereby also recognize them as such. By this recognition we also invite them to step even further in to this role and in to our lives.

An invitatation from the horses

This co-author project is an invitation from the horses to us humans to step forward and connect deeper with our own power.

It is an invitation to share your journey along side the horses and tell the so important story of co-existance in a harmonious way.

Course Lessons

Meet the spaceholder and publisher

Lina Petersdotter Johansson

Lina Petersdotter Johansson has dedicated her whole life to exploring the wisdom of the horses and what it means to have the horses as guides in your life. This exploration has taken her from a career as an instructor and horse trainer in the academic art of riding to working with horses as mirrors and guides directly.

Today she holds space for tranformational meetings between horses an humans, retreats and year programs where the horses guides the humans in to shifting their inner culture from a culture of dominance to a culture of trust.

Lina is super proud to hold space for yet another book project which will help us to embrace the wisdom of the horses even deeper.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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